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Year of manufacture -Price and Quality

Year of manufacture-Price and Quality

Mr Kalifa just called me and told me about his miserable experience which he bought a 2018 truck from someone in some city.Many machine manufacturer do not mark the year of make on their serial plate, such as Caterpillar or Komatsu for some big reason. And that also gives some dealers a chance to tell a younger age of their machines.

Younger machine can attract all customers, and low price can ground us with them. But we have to understand that no one left behind of treasure, only trap. Price always goes up with Quality.

Please, please, make sure that we are dealing with someone who understand what they are saying and be able to take the responsibility, not a translator or interpreter. Talk to the person BEHIND, until you satisfied.

I can not speak too clearly here due to the rules of courtesy. But you can call me for details.

I am not saying I know everything, but I am confident of my honesty.

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