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Truck export licence

China truck Export licence can not process? Trucks can not ship out of China?

Problem in China used trucks export licence, can not ship for months, no refund… We have been in used trucks, howo or shacman, tipper or tractor, or cargo trucks for more than 15 years. Our trucks has no problem to export anyhow. My price always higher, although we are factory. Many old customers left me and now ask for my help again. They bought trucks from others and can not get them shipped for months. Too late. You can not possible to ask for refund because they are brokers, they have to pay factory, of course they did not tell factory your really detail request, otherwise the price will be higher than ours. Everything has cost. Even lies, you have to pay in future. For example, big refurbishment but price low; very good condition but price low; 2022 made but price low; 371 hp but price low…… Good advice always hurt, seduction always sweet, do you agree? I just record this to memorize the disaster in this business. Please do not contact us for this mess, we can not help anyway. 20231028