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20 units howo trucks and shacman trucks to port of rizhao today, big day

Today, we recieve ship notice . And in the afternoon, we will ship 20 units howo trucks and shacman trucks to RiZhao port. Here are some simple records about some of them. As u can see in the picture, the workers are preparing for transportation of 6×4 HOWO 371 HP tipper with rough terrain army bumper. The truck is beautiful and has a good quality. It is popular with our customers. 6×4 HOWO 371 HP tipper rough terrain army bumper whatsapp:+8617853748350 two gold shacman x3000 tractors 371 hp being loaded After a night of transportation, two gold shacman x3000 tractors 371 hp soon arrived at Rizhao port. Now, the trucks are at the dock waiting to be transported to Dar. Let’s see what happens next. I will also keep an eye on the shipping situation and make real-time updates. Let’s get down to business. After days of waiting, the truck is finally loaded. two gold shacman x3000 tractors 371 hp are waiting to be loaded two gold shacman x3000 tractors 371 hp are loaded on board for transport The ship has left Rizhao for Dar I send the draft telex release bill of lading of two gold shacman x3000 tractors… Read More »20 units howo trucks and shacman trucks to port of rizhao today, big day

project drc congo 1 tractor 371hp, 1 tipper 8×4 371hp, 1 tipper 8×4 375hp

2020-11-17, DRC Congo Boss Mango contacted me for a 4×4 truck. But we do not have it. Then we start chatting until 2023 which covid control was cancelled in China. 2023-02-07, Mr. Mango asked me the invoice for HOWO tractor truck 6×4 to Luanda, and HOWO tipper 8×4 to DarEsSalaam. And he said he will send his daughter, Ms Lina for field checking. 2023-02-09, Ms. Lina arrived and left within 2 hours, she is very satisfied with our trucks and our factory. Mr. Mango also checked everything through her camera. She even sent me some for booking identity. 2023-02-13, I quote ‘import license for 2 sinotruk tippers and 1 sinotruck truck tractor already validated by our bank and import services of the Congolese state.’ They are done on Monday. 2023-02-14, the first payment 30% was made. Thanks a lot to Mr. Mango for your trust and patronage. 2023-02-15, Boss just instructed that change all tyres to 1200R20 radial tyres with tube. He will pay the difference of 50 USD for each tyres. 2023-03-27, boss sent his daughter to our factory to check the finished trucks. And she also wanted some of our new trailers, flat bed and fuel tanker trailers.… Read More »project drc congo 1 tractor 371hp, 1 tipper 8×4 371hp, 1 tipper 8×4 375hp

project 1 unit howo tipper rhd dump truck 371 hp zaMBIA mr. Moses

2022-09-20 Mr. Moses introduced by his family relative and contacted us for a tipper HOWO 371HP economical version, which has used tires and left hand drive. Next day, we agreed on price and condition. We issued the invoice and also list the option of RHD and new tyres. same day a few hours later, Mr. Moses sent the full payment to us. And showed us the bank slip. He decided to take all the options with new tyres and right hand drive, RHD. 2022-09-22 we received everything, I am very impressed by his fast action, as well as his bank, which is a very fast bank. 2022-09-24 we received the ordered new spare parts for RHD convert for HOWO tipper 2022-09-28 the RHD convert works almost done 2022-09-29, we changed to new tyres. 2022-10-01, completely done and ready to ship. Now it is RHD HOWO 371 HP tipper truck. more pictures please check following page. AND NOW COMES THE DIFFICULT PART of the business, the ship delayed too long, when we book the ship, they said it should come in middle of October, but we waitEd and awaited, until 2022-11-17, we sent trucks to port Tianjin, you can see that… Read More »project 1 unit howo tipper rhd dump truck 371 hp zaMBIA mr. Moses

371 hp and 375 hp difference

Many customer are saying that 371 HP sinotruk HOWO engine is not good engine, difficult to get spare parts. The reason is that the supplier is not honest or not professional (most sales are language major, only know translate, but do not understand what they are saying), and they gave 375 HP instead of 371 HP, because 371 HP price is much more expensive than 375 HP, due to high demand of Euro 2, 371 HP. So they just change the sticker from 375 to 371. The difference is the 375 HP injector pump has an angle with the engine, but 371 HP injector pump is parallel. The second difference is the 375 HP is Euro 3 mechanic engine, so it has an exhaust recycling pump on top of engine, while 371 HP do not have it. Test question: which one is 371 HP in the following pictures? Give me answer on WhatsApp +8613512147458, the reward is 500 USD coupon on anything. From left to right, and top to bottom, they are pic 1,2,3,4. Hint: only one picture is real 371 HP for sure. by the way, we are supplying new and used 371 HP engine. But used one are… Read More »371 hp and 375 hp difference