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no new sinotruk 371hp wd615 engine again

SINOTRUK GROUP held a meeting yesterday 20230210. They will stop WD615 engine production since 20the Feb 2023, 2 valve engines will not available again. New 290, 300, 336, 371, 375 HP which is sinotruk brand will be no production again. Warning to all buyers of new sinotruk engines. Group will be very strict to WD615 engine export in the nearest future. All faking engine will be seized and sue to court. All imitation will be affected. Be careful. better use your own brand, everything same, only logo is different. Quality same, size same, because we are using same parts supplier with sinotruk. But we respect their intelligence right. Our brand is HMAN.

371 hp and 375 hp difference

Many customer are saying that 371 HP sinotruk HOWO engine is not good engine, difficult to get spare parts. The reason is that the supplier is not honest or not professional (most sales are language major, only know translate, but do not understand what they are saying), and they gave 375 HP instead of 371 HP, because 371 HP price is much more expensive than 375 HP, due to high demand of Euro 2, 371 HP. So they just change the sticker from 375 to 371. The difference is the 375 HP injector pump has an angle with the engine, but 371 HP injector pump is parallel. The second difference is the 375 HP is Euro 3 mechanic engine, so it has an exhaust recycling pump on top of engine, while 371 HP do not have it. Test question: which one is 371 HP in the following pictures? Give me answer on WhatsApp +8613512147458, the reward is 500 USD coupon on anything. From left to right, and top to bottom, they are pic 1,2,3,4. Hint: only one picture is real 371 HP for sure. by the way, we are supplying new and used 371 HP engine. But used one are… Read More »371 hp and 375 hp difference