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SHIPMENT for CONSTRUCTION MACHINERIES AND TRUCKS is one of our service. We are focused in BULK VESSEL shipping.

Why Bulk Vessel

Advantages for bulk vessel shipping is:

a. Allow big size, less than 12 meter, but if longer than 12 meter just need a little special changes.

b. Allow heavy cargos, less than 30 ton, but if heavier than 30 ton, need to wait for the heavy duty ship which equiped bigger deck crane. Most machines and trucks are not exceed the measurement and weight, and we can provide paid dismantle service to break them down to meet the requirements.

c. Price is lower if we conbine with container and RORO vessel. Container shipping requires big job of dismantle, packing, and re-assemble. All the work need technician, crane, forklift… costly, and it will damage the machine or truck anyhow. RORO is always higher than other method.

Bulk Vessels are not punctual. They always delay, and postpone for 5-10 days, although sometime they could urge you send cargo even before the date.

Rate and ETA

Bulk Vessel will bring the third party to take the measurement of our trucks and machines. Most usual volume of different trucks and machines as follow for your reference:

Machine or TruckVolume MinVolume Max
HOWO or Shacman Tractor Trucklow roof 60 CBMhigh roof 72 CBM
HOWO or Shacman Tipper Dump Truck 6×4lower box 80 CBMhigher box 86 CBM
HOWO or Shacman Tipper Dump Truck 8×4lower box 100 CBMhigher box 110 CBM
HOWO or Shacman Cargo Truck 8×4lower box 110 CBMhigher box 120 CBM
CAT, Komatsu Excavators 20 ton-30 ton90-110 CBM100-120 CBM
Reference Volume of Machines and Trucks

Volume x Rate=Sea Freight, for example, a tractor to Lagos, sea freight in Feb is 60 CBM x 60 USD/CBM = 3600 USD

List of Main port of discharge of our trucks and machines. Our sea freight is ALL IN Sea freight, one stop service, no need other cost again. If you need to compare with others, please ask them for the same condition.

Feb, 2023,
Lagos: 60 USD/CMB, 35-45 days;
DarEsSalaam: 60 USD/CBM, 25-35 days;
Dakar, 88 USD, 35-45 days

Beira: 105 USD, 25-35 days

Mar, 2023, waiting for update…
Lagos: ?? USD/CMB, 35-45 days;
DarEsSalaam: ?? USD/CBM, 25-35 days;
Dakar, ?? USD, 35-45 days

How to book ship

How to book ships

1st. Machine or Truck is ready for shipping, documents are also ready;
2nd. Check for the earliest shift of the ship, agreed on the rate and condition;
3rd. Print the Ship Notice and Marks,Stick into Machine’s or Truck’s cabin;
4th. Send into port within the assigned time.
5th. After loading on deck, Shipping company will confirm the Bill of Lading;
6th. Pay the sea freight and buy the BL out.

Please be very serious with booking.
A. If we failed to deliver the cargo, we have to pay the sea freight anyway.
B. Paying in Shipper side is PREPAID, which is much lower than POSTPAID, paying in consignee side.
C. But please be ready and fast, because USD transfer takes very long process in China; and China always give long time holidays, that will conduct demurrage in consignee side.

Please follow us.
Welcome to contact for more details.