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project drc congo 1 tractor 371hp, 1 tipper 8×4 371hp, 1 tipper 8×4 375hp

2020-11-17, DRC Congo Boss Mango contacted me for a 4×4 truck. But we do not have it. Then we start chatting until 2023 which covid control was cancelled in China.

2023-02-07, Mr. Mango asked me the invoice for HOWO tractor truck 6×4 to Luanda, and HOWO tipper 8×4 to DarEsSalaam. And he said he will send his daughter, Ms Lina for field checking.

2023-02-09, Ms. Lina arrived and left within 2 hours, she is very satisfied with our trucks and our factory. Mr. Mango also checked everything through her camera. She even sent me some for booking identity.

Checking tractors HOWO 371 HP 6×4
checking HOWO 8×4 HP tipper dump trucks
The 375 HP HOWO tipper dump truck 8×4, 12 tires

2023-02-13, I quote ‘import license for 2 sinotruk tippers and 1 sinotruck truck tractor already validated by our bank and import services of the Congolese state.’ They are done on Monday.

2023-02-14, the first payment 30% was made. Thanks a lot to Mr. Mango for your trust and patronage.

Thanks a lot to Boss

2023-02-15, Boss just instructed that change all tyres to 1200R20 radial tyres with tube. He will pay the difference of 50 USD for each tyres.

2023-03-27, boss sent his daughter to our factory to check the finished trucks. And she also wanted some of our new trailers, flat bed and fuel tanker trailers.

Very happy to see trucks are finely finished
HOWO 371hp tipper 8×4 12 tires
Howo 375 hp tipper 8×4 12 tires
Howo tractor truck horse 371 hp
We checked details of the trailers, from main beam thickness to accessories
Flat bed trailer

Back to the progress of HOWO tractor and HOWO dump trucks~

2023.4.23 We received the information from the shipment and sent these three trucks to Lianyungang port on the same day.

2 units of HOWO tippers and HOWO 371 HP tractor truck are already on board to the port of DaresSalaam.

It will be arrive at the port of daresalaam on May 31.

Let’s look forward to it together, Will update the HOWO TRUCKS process in time.

Our customer requested the original bill of lading, which we mailed to him by DHL after the bill of lading was generated.

The document arrived in Dar es Salaam on June 1 and the forwarder at the destination port will assist our client with the relevant customs clearance.

Hope we can have more pleasant cooperation with Mr. M in the future.

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