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project 1 unit howo tipper rhd dump truck 371 hp zaMBIA mr. Moses

2022-09-20 Mr. Moses introduced by his family relative and contacted us for a tipper HOWO 371HP economical version, which has used tires and left hand drive. Next day, we agreed on price and condition. We issued the invoice and also list the option of RHD and new tyres.

Invoice for HOWO tipper RHD 371 HP dump truck to Zambia.

same day a few hours later, Mr. Moses sent the full payment to us. And showed us the bank slip. He decided to take all the options with new tyres and right hand drive, RHD.

Bank slip for 100% payment of the HOWO 371 HP RHD tipper.

2022-09-22 we received everything, I am very impressed by his fast action, as well as his bank, which is a very fast bank.

Bank notice for movement of our account, it is instant notices.

2022-09-24 we received the ordered new spare parts for RHD convert for HOWO tipper

2022-09-28 the RHD convert works almost done

I asked boss to upgrade to mining tyres 8 pcs for drive axles. And 2 highway tyres in front to make it easy to turn. That is China driver always do.

2022-09-29, we changed to new tyres.

2022-10-01, completely done and ready to ship. Now it is RHD HOWO 371 HP tipper truck.

more pictures please check following page.

RHD 371 HP HOWO dump truck

AND NOW COMES THE DIFFICULT PART of the business, the ship delayed too long, when we book the ship, they said it should come in middle of October, but we waitEd and awaited, until 2022-11-17, we sent trucks to port Tianjin, you can see that we can only use trailer, because once it was registered to export, the trucks shall not drive on highway again.

2022-11-22, port Authority were taking the measurement of tipper, that meant soon will be loaded.

the ship waited in the ankorage for many days

Shipping is what we can not control, sometimes 1 day later, will conduct 1 month delay for another ship.

2022-12-03 finally the ship approached in terminal and loaded

Ship loading now

2022-12-09, our 371 HP HOWO tipper was loaded on board

HOWO 371 HP tipper on deck

2022-12-10, ship with our truck also 1 tractor and 1 excavator set off to DarEsSalaam

Ship leave on 2022-12-10

2022-12-14, we confirmed with the ship documents Bill of Lading of this sinotruk Howo 371 HP tipper dump Truck


2023-01-03, after they receive payment of sea freight, they issue BL telex released or surrendered. That took 14 days or more.

Surrendered BL for HOWO tipper dump truck telex released or surrendered

2023-02-03, tipper dump truck howo 371 HP arrived in Lusaka safely

Boss Zambia truck arrived!!!!

from 2022-09-21 to 2023-02-03, 5 months.

we can work on our trucks very fast, but can not control shiping company. Most time 2 or 3 months is enough.

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