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High quality Shacman Dump Truck 6×4 371HP are shipped to dar

Mr. Mathew has very high standards for shacman dump truck 371HP 6×4 . We also try our best to meet all the requirements of our customer. Here are some details about it.

explain some details to Mr Mathew

sending the invoice of shacman dump truck 371 HP 6×4 to Mr Mathew

Mr. Mathew confirmed the invoice of shacman dump truck 371HP 6×4 and promptly paid the deposit.

Fearing his currency depreciating, he then paid the balance.

Report production progress and communicate with Mr Mathew to improve the shacman dump truck 371 HP 6×4 constantly. Some details are as follows:

Inspecting truck online, Mr Mathew said he liked the shacman dump truck 371HP 6×4, especially the seats and bed. He also said that he wanted to buy a three disc plough.

paying for the three disc plough

After our joint efforts, we have finally finished the arrangement of the three disc plough and blue Shacman 6×4.

The three disc plough and blue Shacman 6×4 371HP are on board.

We sent the bill of lading and relevant documents to Mr. Mathew and discussed with him continuously to refine some details about them.

The ship is on the way to Dar.

Finally, the ship arrives at Dar today and is expected to dock on the 29th.

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