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2 units of brand new Shacman X3000 RHD tractor trucks are on board, ready to ship to Tanzania!

Ms. I contact us from alibaba, She talked with us several times by phone, carefully read our website and company information, learned that our company began to do truck exports from 2008, the reputation has been always good. She also believe in our strength, so she decisively chose us to serve her. Shacman X3000 has always been one of the favorite brands of Tanzania customers because of its high performance. We generate a proforma invoice of X3000 horses for Ms.I We received the payment gradually from the lady I, and the Shacman X3000s can be shipped after a complete inspection and testing. Ms.I was very satisfied and came to think of us as friends. She also ask us to help her buy some parts and ship with the trucks, because the truck parts in Tanzania are too expensive! We booked a ship to Dare salaam port for the Ms.I and delivered these 2 Shacman X3000 to the port on the specified date. Just received the photos from the shipping company, two Shacman x3000 horses are on board, ready to begin their journey to South Africa. now, we will wait for the shipping company to produce the bill of lading and… Read More »2 units of brand new Shacman X3000 RHD tractor trucks are on board, ready to ship to Tanzania!

2 units of jlg 1350SJP Boom lift on the way to malaysia

In recent years, propelled Articulated Booms are also very popular in countries in South Asia and Southeast Asia. The 1350SJP telescopic Diesel Boom Lifts are ideal for work that requires maximum horizontal & vertical outreach. With Deutz engine TCD 2.9 55.4 kW will bring great power to its work. In terms of transportation, we will use double-super frame to bundle and ship to ensure its safety. 1350SJP offers a large working envelope. Excellent manoeuvrability with turntables that rotate 360°. The 1350sjp can also be driven while fully elevated. Seems our customer need good machines instead of cheap machines. The two JLG 1350sjp machines will be shipped to Malaysia on the earliest ship and wish my dear customer have a pleasant operating experience!

China truck Export licence can not process? Trucks can not ship out of China?

Problem in China used trucks export licence, can not ship for months, no refund… We have been in used trucks, howo or shacman, tipper or tractor, or cargo trucks for more than 15 years. Our trucks has no problem to export anyhow. My price always higher, although we are factory. Many old customers left me and now ask for my help again. They bought trucks from others and can not get them shipped for months. Too late. You can not possible to ask for refund because they are brokers, they have to pay factory, of course they did not tell factory your really detail request, otherwise the price will be higher than ours. Everything has cost. Even lies, you have to pay in future. For example, big refurbishment but price low; very good condition but price low; 2022 made but price low; 371 hp but price low…… Good advice always hurt, seduction always sweet, do you agree? I just record this to memorize the disaster in this business. Please do not contact us for this mess, we can not help anyway. 20231028

371 hp and 375 hp difference

Many customer are saying that 371 HP sinotruk HOWO engine is not good engine, difficult to get spare parts. The reason is that the supplier is not honest or not professional (most sales are language major, only know translate, but do not understand what they are saying), and they gave 375 HP instead of 371 HP, because 371 HP price is much more expensive than 375 HP, due to high demand of Euro 2, 371 HP. So they just change the sticker from 375 to 371. The difference is the 375 HP injector pump has an angle with the engine, but 371 HP injector pump is parallel. The second difference is the 375 HP is Euro 3 mechanic engine, so it has an exhaust recycling pump on top of engine, while 371 HP do not have it. Test question: which one is 371 HP in the following pictures? Give me answer on WhatsApp +8613512147458, the reward is 500 USD coupon on anything. From left to right, and top to bottom, they are pic 1,2,3,4. Hint: only one picture is real 371 HP for sure. by the way, we are supplying new and used 371 HP engine. But used one are… Read More »371 hp and 375 hp difference