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anything related to shipment of trucks, machines and other cargos

2 units of brand new Shacman X3000 RHD tractor trucks are on board, ready to ship to Tanzania!

Ms. I contact us from alibaba, She talked with us several times by phone, carefully read our website and company information, learned that our company began to do truck exports from 2008, the reputation has been always good. She also believe in our strength, so she decisively chose us to serve her. Shacman X3000 has always been one of the favorite brands of Tanzania customers because of its high performance. We generate a proforma invoice of X3000 horses for Ms.I We received the payment gradually from the lady I, and the Shacman X3000s can be shipped after a complete inspection and testing. Ms.I was very satisfied and came to think of us as friends. She also ask us to help her buy some parts and ship with the trucks, because the truck parts in Tanzania are too expensive! We booked a ship to Dare salaam port for the Ms.I and delivered these 2 Shacman X3000 to the port on the specified date. Just received the photos from the shipping company, two Shacman x3000 horses are on board, ready to begin their journey to South Africa. now, we will wait for the shipping company to produce the bill of lading and… Read More »2 units of brand new Shacman X3000 RHD tractor trucks are on board, ready to ship to Tanzania!

High quality Shacman Dump Truck 6×4 371HP are shipped to dar

Mr. Mathew has very high standards for shacman dump truck 371HP 6×4 . We also try our best to meet all the requirements of our customer. Here are some details about it. explain some details to Mr Mathew sending the invoice of shacman dump truck 371 HP 6×4 to Mr Mathew Mr. Mathew confirmed the invoice of shacman dump truck 371HP 6×4 and promptly paid the deposit. Fearing his currency depreciating, he then paid the balance. Report production progress and communicate with Mr Mathew to improve the shacman dump truck 371 HP 6×4 constantly. Some details are as follows: Inspecting truck online, Mr Mathew said he liked the shacman dump truck 371HP 6×4, especially the seats and bed. He also said that he wanted to buy a three disc plough. paying for the three disc plough After our joint efforts, we have finally finished the arrangement of the three disc plough and blue Shacman 6×4. The three disc plough and blue Shacman 6×4 371HP are on board. We sent the bill of lading and relevant documents to Mr. Mathew and discussed with him continuously to refine some details about them. The ship is on the way to Dar. Finally, the ship arrives at Dar… Read More »High quality Shacman Dump Truck 6×4 371HP are shipped to dar

15 uNITS Howo Dump Truck 8×4, 375 HP TO LIANYUNGANG.

The latest news comes that there are 12 howo dump trucks to be sent to Lianyungang. Let me highlight one of them. Mr. Dulkly approached us through our representative Mr Tendai. He wanted to buy a Howo dump truck 8×4, 375hp and quickly paid a deposit. During the production , we will keep an eye on the production progress of Howo dump truck 8×4, 375hp and send some pictures of the truck to Mr. Dulkly. Finally, the truck is ready, and we send the video to Mr Dulkly for inspection. sending a video about the detail of Howo dump truck 8×4, 375hp to Mr Dulkly We tied the tires carefully and put them in the bucket The Howo dump truck 8×4, 375hp has arrived at the Lianyungang port and is waiting for shipping to Dar. The ship has left port.

project 1 unit howo tipper rhd dump truck 371 hp zaMBIA mr. Moses

2022-09-20 Mr. Moses introduced by his family relative and contacted us for a tipper HOWO 371HP economical version, which has used tires and left hand drive. Next day, we agreed on price and condition. We issued the invoice and also list the option of RHD and new tyres. same day a few hours later, Mr. Moses sent the full payment to us. And showed us the bank slip. He decided to take all the options with new tyres and right hand drive, RHD. 2022-09-22 we received everything, I am very impressed by his fast action, as well as his bank, which is a very fast bank. 2022-09-24 we received the ordered new spare parts for RHD convert for HOWO tipper 2022-09-28 the RHD convert works almost done 2022-09-29, we changed to new tyres. 2022-10-01, completely done and ready to ship. Now it is RHD HOWO 371 HP tipper truck. more pictures please check following page. AND NOW COMES THE DIFFICULT PART of the business, the ship delayed too long, when we book the ship, they said it should come in middle of October, but we waitEd and awaited, until 2022-11-17, we sent trucks to port Tianjin, you can see that… Read More »project 1 unit howo tipper rhd dump truck 371 hp zaMBIA mr. Moses