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Months later customer became my brother in nigeria

Mr. Henry From Nigeria, big boss, he found us selling excavators, trucks. and he planned to try several suppliers. i humbled to suggest him, please do not try certain suppliers, but he made the orders already. What can i say, he is very experienced business man. and i wish he can succeed in every units of machines. we just take care of our own Komatsu PC200. that is our job. sometime, my suggestion sounds like lies from sales man. but only God knows that i mean it to save my friends time and money. because i am in this machinery and truck business for 20 years, heard and saw a lot of happy and unhappy stories. after MONTHS of Valued Time. I Just received from Mr. Henry. he is satisfied with our machine and trucks, and complain of the other suppliers. As below Chat Record. Now I have a good friend in Nigeria now, he believes everything i told him before. But time has passed for months. Time is the biggest cost in the world, and the only fair resource we have is the same as those rich people. Please do not try to mistake. Try to WIN. I have… Read More »Months later customer became my brother in nigeria

What do you need to pay attention to when buying a used excavator?

Komatsu PC200 excavator For more information please contact: Do not just care about the prices of the used excavators only, look at the price alone you and I will never buy good! Even will fall for the scam! Never go after the lowest price! The so-called lowest price is the psychology of cheapness! This is something that will make many customers lose themselves when buying an excavator. Komatsu PC200 excavator Used excavators are one price per machine because of their uncertain nature. You need to judge whether the excavator meets your needs based on its condition and performance, and then consider the price. A technician who is familiar with the structure of the second hand excavator and knows how to repair it is suitable for buying a used excavator, so a beginner can ask his teacher to advise him on the selection of the machine, which can reduce a great risk while being able to buy a cheap excavator on the market. For more information please contact:


YX655 product is a middle wheel base and all-condition wheel loader, featuring strong power, high efficiency, security and reliability. And this product also has the characteristics of working stability, fuel conservation and environment protection. It can be used in the working conditions like coal, construction site and quarry, etc. If u want to learn more information, please contact +8617853748350


customers are asking SDLG LG953N Wheel Loader. but factory has already upgraded to L955F. difference to me is more beautiful looking, Euro4 or Euro5 engine. We are also supplying spare parts of SDLG whole series, so both LG953N and L955F is same because they are using same spare parts. good news is if you have big quantity requirement, we can ask factory to use Euro2 engine which is more familiar and easy to us.