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Sandy Li

2 units of brand new Shacman X3000 RHD tractor trucks are on board, ready to ship to Tanzania!

Ms. I contact us from alibaba, She talked with us several times by phone, carefully read our website and company information, learned that our company began to do truck exports from 2008, the reputation has been always good. She also believe in our strength, so she decisively chose us to serve her. Shacman X3000 has always been one of the favorite brands of Tanzania customers because of its high performance. We generate a proforma invoice of X3000 horses for Ms.I We received the payment gradually from the lady I, and the Shacman X3000s can be shipped after a complete inspection and testing. Ms.I was very satisfied and came to think of us as friends. She also ask us to help her buy some parts and ship with the trucks, because the truck parts in Tanzania are too expensive! We booked a ship to Dare salaam port for the Ms.I and delivered these 2 Shacman X3000 to the port on the specified date. Just received the photos from the shipping company, two Shacman x3000 horses are on board, ready to begin their journey to South Africa. now, we will wait for the shipping company to produce the bill of lading and… Read More »2 units of brand new Shacman X3000 RHD tractor trucks are on board, ready to ship to Tanzania!

2 units of jlg 1350SJP Boom lift on the way to malaysia

In recent years, propelled Articulated Booms are also very popular in countries in South Asia and Southeast Asia. The 1350SJP telescopic Diesel Boom Lifts are ideal for work that requires maximum horizontal & vertical outreach. With Deutz engine TCD 2.9 55.4 kW will bring great power to its work. In terms of transportation, we will use double-super frame to bundle and ship to ensure its safety. 1350SJP offers a large working envelope. Excellent manoeuvrability with turntables that rotate 360°. The 1350sjp can also be driven while fully elevated. Seems our customer need good machines instead of cheap machines. The two JLG 1350sjp machines will be shipped to Malaysia on the earliest ship and wish my dear customer have a pleasant operating experience!

Project 2 units Shacman RHD dump truck ,2 brand new Semi-trailers to ZAMBIA Mr. J

Our regular customer Mr. J contact us to ask for two units of Shacman tipper with sweet condition. And asked to convert them to right- hand- drive. In addition to this, Mr.J was asked to help him build two brand new semi-trailers During this period, we confirmed the details of the tipper and semi-trailer according to the customer’s requirements . And we generate proforma invoices for Mr.J to confirm information. He said he was satisfied and made a 30% down payment on the order. The factory begins orderly production. Within the estimated time, the two dump trucks in excellent condition were almost finished with the refurbishment work and the new tyres will be completed together at the end. By the way, I really like this color. 6.12. The production progress of the semi-trailer. The main beam and frames are finished now.Waiting for repaint and other jobs. Flatbed trailer in process. Building the cover. 6.20, let’s go back to the tipper. Two 8×4 RHD dump trucks are perfectly ready, we are testing the tipper for our customer. Mr. J says he was satisfied when he saw the video. 6.24, The flatbed semi-trailer finished painting, Mr.J chose a robust grey colour, and we can see the… Read More »Project 2 units Shacman RHD dump truck ,2 brand new Semi-trailers to ZAMBIA Mr. J

What do you need to pay attention to when buying a used excavator?

Komatsu PC200 excavator For more information please contact: Do not just care about the prices of the used excavators only, look at the price alone you and I will never buy good! Even will fall for the scam! Never go after the lowest price! The so-called lowest price is the psychology of cheapness! This is something that will make many customers lose themselves when buying an excavator. Komatsu PC200 excavator Used excavators are one price per machine because of their uncertain nature. You need to judge whether the excavator meets your needs based on its condition and performance, and then consider the price. A technician who is familiar with the structure of the second hand excavator and knows how to repair it is suitable for buying a used excavator, so a beginner can ask his teacher to advise him on the selection of the machine, which can reduce a great risk while being able to buy a cheap excavator on the market. For more information please contact:

project drc congo 1 tractor 371hp, 1 tipper 8×4 371hp, 1 tipper 8×4 375hp

2020-11-17, DRC Congo Boss Mango contacted me for a 4×4 truck. But we do not have it. Then we start chatting until 2023 which covid control was cancelled in China. 2023-02-07, Mr. Mango asked me the invoice for HOWO tractor truck 6×4 to Luanda, and HOWO tipper 8×4 to DarEsSalaam. And he said he will send his daughter, Ms Lina for field checking. 2023-02-09, Ms. Lina arrived and left within 2 hours, she is very satisfied with our trucks and our factory. Mr. Mango also checked everything through her camera. She even sent me some for booking identity. 2023-02-13, I quote ‘import license for 2 sinotruk tippers and 1 sinotruck truck tractor already validated by our bank and import services of the Congolese state.’ They are done on Monday. 2023-02-14, the first payment 30% was made. Thanks a lot to Mr. Mango for your trust and patronage. 2023-02-15, Boss just instructed that change all tyres to 1200R20 radial tyres with tube. He will pay the difference of 50 USD for each tyres. 2023-03-27, boss sent his daughter to our factory to check the finished trucks. And she also wanted some of our new trailers, flat bed and fuel tanker trailers.… Read More »project drc congo 1 tractor 371hp, 1 tipper 8×4 371hp, 1 tipper 8×4 375hp