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2 units of brand new Shacman X3000 RHD tractor trucks are on board, ready to ship to Tanzania!

Ms. I contact us from alibaba, She talked with us several times by phone, carefully read our website and company information, learned that our company began to do truck exports from 2008, the reputation has been always good. She also believe in our strength, so she decisively chose us to serve her.

Shacman X3000 has always been one of the favorite brands of Tanzania customers because of its high performance.


We generate a proforma invoice of X3000 horses for Ms.I

We received the payment gradually from the lady I, and the Shacman X3000s can be shipped after a complete inspection and testing. Ms.I was very satisfied and came to think of us as friends. She also ask us to help her buy some parts and ship with the trucks, because the truck parts in Tanzania are too expensive!

We booked a ship to Dare salaam port for the Ms.I and delivered these 2 Shacman X3000 to the port on the specified date.

Just received the photos from the shipping company, two Shacman x3000 horses are on board, ready to begin their journey to South Africa.

now, we will wait for the shipping company to produce the bill of lading and send it to the customer,


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