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15 uNITS Howo Dump Truck 8×4, 375 HP TO LIANYUNGANG.

The latest news comes that there are 12 howo dump trucks to be sent to Lianyungang. Let me highlight one of them.

Mr. Dulkly approached us through our representative Mr Tendai. He wanted to buy a Howo dump truck 8×4, 375hp and quickly paid a deposit.

During the production , we will keep an eye on the production progress of Howo dump truck 8×4, 375hp and send some pictures of the truck to Mr. Dulkly.

Finally, the truck is ready, and we send the video to Mr Dulkly for inspection.

sending a video about the detail of Howo dump truck 8×4, 375hp to Mr Dulkly

We tied the tires carefully and put them in the bucket

The Howo dump truck 8×4, 375hp has arrived at the Lianyungang port and is waiting for shipping to Dar.

The ship has left port.

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